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Lima Fresh Start

At Lima Fresh Start, we have a fresh start program to help those with credit problems, get into a new or used vehicle! All you need to qualify is a drivers license, proof of residence, a telephone, and $250 a week of verifiable income.

Allow us to re-establish
your auto credit profile!

You deserve better

than those "Buy Here, Pay Here" lots!

Most other dealerships only wish they had an experienced management staff like ours. With thousands of approved auto loans in our history, we know that we are the best source for your fresh start.  Because of our volume credit portfolio we can offer finance terms and rates that those other places cannot.

Your credit shouldn't force you to feel obligated to buy from one of those 'bad credit' lots. You know, the ones who 'approve' your credit in-house and never report any of your on-time payments to the credit bureaus.  Plus, the car you purchase from us is safer and more reliable, you deal with a friendly and knowledgeable staff and you establish national lines of credit, all in a professional and comfortable environment. Often when you purchase a vehicle at one of these lots, your auto loan is approved in-house. That is to say the used car lot is the lender. With in-house car dealer financing, consumers make weekly payments, however your good car loan payment history does not show up on your credit report. With the Fresh Start for the People, payments are reported, which will help boost your overall credit.

Young Family

Are credit problems keeping you from purchasing an automobile? Bankruptcy? Collections? Judgments? Foreclosures? Repossessions?

Let Us Help!

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