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Lima Fresh Start
Credit Approval

Get a vehicle and re-establish your credit! Apply now, for your fresh start!



There are Lending options out there for people just like us, that have had previous bankruptcies, repossessions, or other mishaps in the past.



Thank you so much! Truly for all you guys did🤗 if you’re looking for a vehicle the main thing you want is to trust who you’re buying from. In this market there are so many people who just want the money but they’re not looking out for their customers. Austin Park and Josie Long represent the honest and caring morality the business world needs. No judgment, no secrets, and a whole lot of hard work. I was so nervous because of the tight spot we were in and the bad experiences we’d already had. they made sure I knew I was not being given up on by them. Really, that just is something that you don’t see often anymore…. Thank you again guys. We will see you again!

 - Tiffany Reigle

Couple in Car

Are credit problems keeping you from purchasing an automobile? Bankruptcy? Collections? Judgments? Foreclosures? Repossessions?

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